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Fundumental researches of mineral properties to increase wear resistance of friction units were carried out on the basis of All-USSR Order of the Red Banner of Labor of scientific-research and design Institute of mineral product mechanical operation (MEHANOBR), All-USSR scientific-research Institute of methodology and technology of prospecting (VITR), Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP) and institute «Gipronikel».

Various research and educational organizations have been involved and continue to be involved in applied researches on mineral activation technologies and methods of using mineral compositions.: Murmansk Design and Technological Institute of Shipbuilding, Modernization and Operation of the Fleet and the Development of Mechanization Tools «SEVGIPRORYBFLOT», Academician A.N. Krylov Central Research Institute, Leningrad Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labor Zhdanov State University, State Institute of Applied Chemistry (GIPH), Ufa Petroleum Technical University, State Technical University (Perm), Irkutsk State University of Railways (IrGUPS), Transbaikal Railway Transport Institute (ZabIZhT), All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT), Chita State Technical University, Transbaikal Research Institute of Complex Research of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Chita Institute of Natural Resources of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Central Research Laboratory (TsNIL) of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union Ministry of Atomic Industry of the Russian Federation, Odessa National Maritime University, Central Diesel Research Institute (Saint-Petersburg), Institute of Problems of Superplasticity of Metals of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN).

Foreign research centers also confirmed the compliance of the declared properties of the products and the effectiveness of RRC-technology: State University of Technology (Helsinki), Waseda University (Tokyo), China Engine Test Center (Changchun, China), Fraunhofer TEG and others.