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«On the results of tests (testing) of RRC technology (patent of the Russian Federation No. 2266979) on the MAN car number A233 BE 196, Sales network Monetka»

Initial №87 dated 27.03.2018 г.

For the director of «Science-production commercial company firm «GELION» Ltd

D. Yu. Khanzhin




During the period of testing of the use of RRC technology on a truck MAN TGS 28.400 6×2-2 BL-WW refrigerated truck, 2013 release, from 26.07.2017 to the present, the following results were recorded:

1. Operation of the MAN car continues as usual. The engine of the car is in good condition. The mileage after treatment with repair and restoration compounds (Russian patent No. 2266979) amounted to 123,231 kilometers.

2. The results of analysis of oil samples from the engine taken before processing, before the next maintenance, at a run of 461836 km, and at the next maintenance, at a total kilometers run of 540,674 km showed a decrease in wear products, by elements, from 2 to 10 times, according to the attached Test Protocols No. 78/1 and 78/2 dated 17.01.2018 conducted in the certified laboratory «Ural Regional Center for «Technical Expertise and Diagnostics» (Certificate of conformity ГОСТ РИСО 9001-2008 No. POCC RU.ГА45.К00272 dated 29.08.2014)
It is necessary to take into account the need to adjust the values ​of the content of wear products before treatment, up, because during the oil refilling process (refilling 18 liters of 42) there was a decrease in the concentration of elements by 42.85%.

3. Results of comparison of diesel fuel consumption:
– before treatment: April-May-June 2017 – 34.66 l/100 km;
– after treatment: July-August 2017 – 33.19 l/100 km;
– similar period: July-August 2016 – 34.73 l/100 km. A decrease in fuel consumption by 4.24-4.43% was recorded.
Note: before processing, the vehicle was diagnosed at the exclusive official MAN dealer in the Sverdlovsk Region – Uraltrakservice LLC. The car was in good condition.
Nodes and mechanisms were processed: ICE, axle.

1. Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Oil Sample Test Reports, No. 78/1 and 78/2 dated 17.01.2018 – on 4 sheets;
2. Fuel consumption statistics for periods – on 3 sheets.


Head of Transport Service of Sales network «Monetka»
D. P. Putilov