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Output products are protected by patent of RF on the invention № 2266979 «Compound for the formation of newly formed blanket on metal friction surfaces».

Repair-restoration Compounds – additions for lubricants are gel-suspension with different concentration of active elements. They are used as antifriction restoration additions for oils, lubricants and cutting emulsion and are not additives. They are compatible with all known types of oils, lubricants and cutting emulsions, don’t change their physicochemical properties. Additions are intended for application for different friction pairs that are made of structural steel, non-ferrous metals and composite materials.

Manufacture is made according to specifications:

– specification 0257-001-74760882-2004 «Repair-restoration additions for RRC lubricants»;

– specification 0257 – 002 – 74760882 – 2008;

– specification 20.59.42 – 002 – 74760882 -2020.

Products meet the requirements of ГОСТ ISO 12924 – 2013.

Safety Passport for manufactured products is included in the Register of Safety Passports № 74760882 – 20 – 64801 of 12.11.2020.

Production based on RRC-technology:

– for industry (serial and special for order production: lubricants, varnishes);

– for components of cars (serial production under the brand name «FormulaRRC»).