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«NPC Ruspromremont» is a complete cycle scientific-manufacturing company: from raw material extraction to production; from applied researches to implementation of the development results on the base of RRC-technology (patent RF №2266979) in the real economic sector by own strength and specialists of representative infrastructure.

In the research process different scientific-research organizations and educational and training organizations have been involved and continue to be involved: NPO «Mekhanobr», All-USSR scientific-research Institute of methodology and technology of prospecting (VITR), Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP), OJSC «Geologorazvedka», Academician A.N. Krylov Central Research Institute, Zhdanov State University, State Institute of Applied Chemistry (GIPH), Ufa Petroleum Technical University, State Technical University (Perm), Irkutsk State University of Railways (IrGUPS), Transbaikal Railway Transport Institute (ZabIZhT), All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT), Chita State Technical University, Transbaikal Research Institute of Complex Research of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Chita Institute of Natural Resources of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Central Research Laboratory (TsNIL) of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union Ministry of Atomic Industry of the Russian Federation, Odessa National Maritime University, Central Diesel Research Institute (Saint-Petersburg), Institute of Problems of Superplasticity of Metals of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), State University of Technology (Helsinki), Waseda University (Tokyo), China Engine Test Center (Changchun, China), Fraunhofer TEG and others.

Results of long-term applied researches allow to offer industrial enterprises solutions to increase the technological equipment survival and decrease the charges related to run, maintenance and repair: system approach to application RRC-technology (РВС-технологии) maintains accident-free operation of the defective units until the state-scheduled works and reduces expenses on the equipment overhaul due to 4 – 12 times economy of auxiliaries (OJSC «Svetogorsk» «International Paper»), reduces operating costs and accident rate with tenfold economic effect (LPTs-1 OJSC «Severstal»), reduces energy costs and improves the reliability of  manufacturing equipment (OJSC «Sakhaenergo», OJSC «NPC Uralvagonzavod», JSC «Votkinsky zavod», NOVATEK etc.)

High effectiveness of proposed RRC-technology solutions improved consumer properties of products produced by machine-building plants: CJSC «Bearings of liquid friction «Electrostal plant of heavy engineering» (patient RF №2327908 «Method for preparing liquid friction bearings for operation»), OJSC «Alexander’s machine-building plant» (, OJSC «Bobruisk machine-building plant».