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«NPC Ruspromremont» Ltd was set up in Saint-Petersburg in 1998 for the purpose of the development technological and product innovations on the base of geoenergy technologies for industry and consumer market. It was reorganized in 2004 for the purpose of amalgamation with Science and Technology Agency (NTO) «Conversion initiatives», whose president was T.L. Marinich. Last reorganization was in 2014.

Company employees are authors of some patents of Russian Federation in the geoenergy technological sphere, including international.

The main periods of technology and company development:

1980-1985 – a low-friction effect of hydroxides on steel was discovered by Leningrad scientists – correspondent member of Science Academy USSR V. I. Revnivtsev, Senior Research Officer, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP) T. L. Marinich and others – and new method of increasing resistance to deterioration for friction units was developed too.

1987 – on the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) USSR «Invention for technical progress» exposition «Geotriboenergy for national economy» that demonstrated a new method of increasing resistance to deterioration for friction units was rewarded with the diploma of the first degree (Leningrad Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP))/ T. L. Marinich was awarded a gold medal;

1985-1998 – fundamental researches of tribotechnical mineral features were realized, namely laboratorial and industrial testings on the base of All-USSR Order of  the Red Banner of Labor of scientific-research and design Institute of mineral product mechanical operation (MEHANOBR) and All-USSR scientific-research Institute of methodology and technology of prospecting (VITR);

1998-2004 – pilot testings were realized, namely scientific-research works (NIR) and scientific-research and development works (NIOKR) for the development of production technologies of tribotechnical compounds and usage of geoenergy technologies in industry, also commercialization of the invention entitled «РВС-технология» (RRC-technology) was realized too;

2004-2007 – techno-industrial cycle of product manufacturing for industrial usage was developed, main patent on the invention of Russian Federation №2266979 of geoenergy technologies was acquired. RRC-technology reduces run and maintenance charges of machines and mechanisms in provision of reliability goal and safety in production processes in different branches of industry, energetics and transportation industry;

2007-present – applied researches are still in progress for solving current and prospective tasks in the real economic sector, obtained results meet the requirement of the best available technologies (BAT) and are used on the enterprises, developed import replacement product excel analogs in techno-economic effects.