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Due to the working experience in enterprises of industry, energetics and transport it can be confirmed that RRC-technology meets the requirements of the best available technologies (RF Government Ordinance 23.12.2014 №1458, edited 03.03.2021), also it proves its’ advantages over traditional approach to equipment operation:

— Works are implemented during regular operation of equipment without its disassembly and stopping technological processes;

— RRC are compatible with any oils and lubricants;

— Addressing environmental, energy and resource-saving industry processes issues is provided;

— A dramatic reduction in the cost of maintenance and repair of equipment — payback period of the RRC-technology procedures just at the cost of energy-saving effect from 2 weeks to 6 months.

ATTENTION! Limitations of use in cases:

– Presence of metal-plating additions in the lubricant;

– Heavily polluted friction surfaces;

– Major mechanical damages of friction surfaces (pitting, chips, cracks);

– High coefficient of “fatigue” (stress level) of metal of friction parts.