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In 2004 the advisory board of science-technology policy and innovations that was attached to the head of the administration of the Chita region recognized RRC-technology as a promising area that provided a high techno-economic effectiveness (GD No. 28-24-04/29.06.2004).

In 2006 as a result of scientific-research and development works (NIOKR) at the OJSC «Severstal» a safe fatigue life of liquid friction bearings of rolling mill was increased that ensured a tenfold economic effect. Solutions are protected by the patent RF № 2327908.

According to the results of the regional stage of competition «Gold Mercury» the organization was recognized as the best small-scale enterprise in the sphere of innovation activities in Saint-Petersburg in 2006.

In March 2007 the industry and energetics committee of association «North-West» made a decision about recommendation of implementation of RRC-technology in regions of Russian Federation (protocol № 3/12.03.2007).

In July 2007 according to the results of works at the OJSC «Svetogorsk» organization was included to the Single register of suppliers of goods and services of international corporation «International Paper».

In August 2007 a recommendation of Ministry of industry and natural resources of the Perm Region (И30-04/1514/ 02.08.2007)  about using RRC-technology at the enterprises of the Perm Region was obtained.

In 2009 the organization was included in the register of innovative organizations of Saint-Petersburg (registration number and in the list of participants of realization the cooperation program between government of Saint-Petersburg, RF and government of Republic of Belarus for the 2009-2011 in the science-technology sphere.

In 2011 organization was included in the list of participants were implementing the Declaration of partnership between Russian Federation and Republic of Austria for the modernization.

In 2011 at the 4th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum the project presented by the organization became the winner of Competition of innovation projects of graduates of the Presidential Programme on Training Managers for the organizations of national economy of RF in the nomination «The best innovation product».

In 2012 the RRC-technology procedures were wrote in the energy passport attachments like non-standard energy-saving procedures with the payback periods from 2 to 8 months at the OJSC «Admiralty Shipyards», «Russko-Vysotskaya ptitsefabrika» Ltd, unit of OJSC «NOVATEK».

In 2013 realization of the energy-saving program at the objects «NOVATEC-Yurkharovneftegaz» Ltd confirmed the payback period of the RRC-technology procedures just at the cost of energy saving for 6 months.

In 2017 RRC-technology procedures were included in the energy passports like non-standard energy-saving procedures at the JSC «Sakhaenergo».

In 2019 an import replacement line of multipurpose antifrictional water-resistant lubricant «РВС L*» was developed. It is in demand in the divisions of NOVATEK, SEVERSTAL, NLMK, Gazprom.

 In 2020 a comment about tenfold economic effectiveness by using RRC-technology on the mechanisms of JSC «Chukotskaya gorno-geologicheskaya companiya» (Kinross Gold Corporation) was got.