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 List of research works and industrials tests 

Here are represented names and results of some scientific research works and industrials tests:

  1. “Comparative tests of special samples and rolling-contact bearings of type 204 with RVS-TECHNOLOGY application” (Russia, Moscow, joint-stock company “VNII Podshipnikovoj Promyshlennosti”, 1997);
  2. “Developing the documentation on using RVS-TECHNOLOGY for repair-restoration works on a rolling stock of the Kharkov subway” (Ukraine, Kharkov, GP “Har'kovskij organ po sertifikacii zheleznodorozhnogo transporta”, 1998);
  3. “Investigation of repair-restoration compound (“RVS”) regarding the details in friction units of products by GP “Zavod im. Malysheva” (Ukraina, g.Har'kov, GP “Zavod im.Malysheva”, 1998);
  4. “Definition of efficiency of works on improving diesel engine parameters of a tug boat, inner code № 78458 (M.Salnikov), increase of its motor resource by RVS-TECHNOLOGY application. Treating with RVS-TECHNOLOGY diesel engine 6ДР30/503” (Russia, St.-Petersburg, State Unitary Enterprise “Admiralty shipyards”, 1998–2000);
  5. “RVS-TECHNOLOGY tests on a gear transmission” (Finland, Rautaruukki Steel, 1999);
  6. “Results of monitoring tests on toxicity of the exhausted gases and fuel economy of shuttle buses GAZel” (Russia, Moscow, FGUP NAMI, 2000);
  7. “Developing and implementation application methods of repair-restoring compounds (“RVS”) in farming industry, as a basis for energy and resource saving while restoring mechanisms of machinery in a regular exploitation mode, and also reliability forecast of machinery after RVS-TECHNOLOGY application” (Russia, Voronezh, Voronezh State Agrarian University named after K.D.Glinka, 2000);
  8. Report on conducting works of defining possibility of RVS-technology application on diesel М756 of diesel-trains ДР1А and evaluation of its efficiency (Latvia, Riga, GAO “Latvijas dzeizcels”, 2000);
  9. “Development of recommendations concerning compressors aggregates 32 ВЦ 100/9 in agreement with the requests of valid rules and regulations of safety in industry” (Russia, Ufa, Ufa State Oil Technical University agreed with Joint Stock Company “Novo-Ufimskij oil processing factory”, 2001);
  10. “Definition of efficiency of RVS-technology by ZAO ”NPO “Ruspromremont” (Ukraine, Odessa, Odessa National Maritime University, 2003);
  11. Research of influence of grease containing mineral additives on the velocity of wear of the rails on stages and stations (Russia, Chita, Zabajkal'skaja railway in cooperation with Irkutsk State University of Transportation Ways and Zabajkal'skij Railway Transport Institute, 2003);
  12. “Industrial RVS-technology tests on diesel locomotives DF 4, DF 7, DF 8, DF 11, DN 5 series(P.R.China, 10 railways, 2003);
  13. “Treatment of hydraulic engine РПГ-2500 with RVS-technology (Russia, Lipetsk, Lipetsk experimental plant ”Gidromash“, 2004);
  14. “Research and development of technologies of friction pairs modification in tribo-system “rail-wheel” applying repair-restoration compounds” (Russia, Chita, Zabajkal'skaja railway in cooperation with Zabajkal'skij Railway Transport Institute, 2004);
  15. “Industrial RVS-technology tests on diesel locomotives ТЭ-10 series”
    (Russia, Chita, Zabajkal'skaja railway, 2004);
  16. “Industrial RVS-technology tests on diesel locomotives ТЭМ and ЧМЭ series” ((Russia, Chita, Zabajkal'skaja railway, 2004);
  17. Experience of applying RVS-products to shafts bearings of blowing machines in the stoves for wood heat-processing (Finland, Suomen Lampopuu Oy, 2004);
  18. Report on results of RVS-technology resource tests on IP Joint-stock Company “Svetogorsk” (Russia, Leningrad area, Vyborg region, Svetogorsk, 2004);
  19. Executed in various laboratories photos of friction pairs surfaces after application of RVS-TECHNOLOGIES.
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