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  RU — / 07 

Registered residence:
hereinafter referred to as Partner 1
ZAO “NPC Ruspromremont”, Registered codes:
INN 7810009558 / KPP 781001001,
OGRN 1047855103878
Registered residence:
196128, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
ul. Kuznecovskaja, 21, suite 12
hereinafter referred to as Partner 2


1. Subject of the agreement:
PARTNERS, having the aim of assisting each other in solving problems of their companies-by-laws, have concluded the present agreement, under conditions of which the parties do not unite their investments, but have to act together on purpose of development and commercial implementation of services and products in international market; for that the Partners mutually transfer to each other and mutually receive from each other temporary exclusive rights for marketing, applying and selling of the Products and services listed in the enclosed Appendix 1 and Appendix 2,on the territory stipulated in the Appendix 1.

2. Common obligations of the Partners
2.1. If needed for guaranteed fulfillment completely or partially obligations under the present agreement the partners may enlist the “third party” (for manufacturing, selling or technical service). Partner gives advance notice to the other Partner about such actions and bears full self-dependent responsibility for the activities of the party enlisted by him.
2.2. Partners are not obliged to buy all the products manufactured by the Partner-2 or to sell the Products on all the territory. In this case they are obliged to notify each other in advance in writing. In this case Partner-2 has a right to sell or to use Products not used by Partner-1 as he thinks best.
2.3. In any case to perform deliveries and purchases of the Products and to render other services o each other in the frames of the agreement on terms not contrary to the present Agreement.
2.4. To conduct consultations or carry out other works or arrangements in the frames of the Agreement on the territory of the other Partner according to his order agreed in advance.
All the charges which may arise in such cases are paid on the terms of the separate agreements.
2.5. To keep demands to the safeness and use of all the kinds of confidential information of each other. Information considered to be confidential and terms of its use are stipulated in the Appendix 4.
2.6. To notify each other of any violations on the Territory of Trade Marks, trade names or symbols, or other rights of industrial, intellectual and other kinds of property used by Partners, about which they became aware and further on act as agreed.
2.7. Not to perform any actions on behalf of the other Partner or instead of him without received in writing permission for that.
2.8. In advance, not less than 30 days, submit to the Partner the order for purchasing of the Products or service, in a form, and according to the conditions of the present Agreement.
2.9. Self-dependently and on its own account bear full responsibility for quality and guarantees of the Products and services they manufacture and sell.
2.10. In advance, not less than 30 days, notify the Partner of any possible changes of the conditions, which may influence the fulfillment of the obligations under the agreement.
2.11. Without delay notify the Partner in case of arising situations preventing from fulfillment of the Agreement or any of its part. Further on the Partners act in mutual accordance, if nothing else is specified in the present Agreement.

3. Obligations of Partner 1:
3.1. Self-dependently sells on behalf of himself and on his own account on the Territory RVS-products.
3.2. Do not conduct any non-regular works (researches, tests, experimental works on other) applying Products without according with Partner 2 in writing.
3.3. When performing sales, advertisements or other use of RVS-products, supplied by Partner 2, Partner 1 has to mark in the documents accompanying that these RVS-products are manufactured Partner 2.

4. Obligations of Partner 2:
4.1. Self-dependently manufactures and sells on behalf of himself and on his own account RVS-products.
4.2. Informs in advance Partner 1 of any changes in the rules of acceptance, storage and use of the Products he is supplied.

5. Conditions of quality, deliveries and prices:
5.1. Partners, as their technical possibilities permit, manufacture and deliver all the Products and services ordered by the other Partner meeting the requirements to quality on the terms of separate agreements for deliveries and/or services.
5.2. Obligatory requirements to quality, payments, and Prices for the Products are stipulated in the Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and Appendix 3 enclosed to the present Agreement. Stipulated conditions may be changed upon mutual agree of the Partners fixed in the form of written enclosure to the Agreement.
5.3. Prices, terms of deliveries and/or services and settling of the accounts stipulated in the separate agreements have not to contradict present Agreement.

6. Guaranteed minimal volumes of purchases — sales:
6.1. The parts agree in advance about guaranteed minimal volumes of purchases — sales for every following year and act as per Appendix 5.

7. Trade Mark, Rights to Patent and symbols of the Partners:
7.1. Partners have a right to use Trade Mark, Rights to Patent, Trade-names or other symbols of each other on purpose of Agreement's subject fulfillment, and in the frames of the Agreement, if it is allowed by legislation without special stipulations.
7.2. Granted license rights to use Trademarks, patents, trade-names or others symbols of each other automatically considered to be invalid immediately after seizing by any reason of this Agreement. This does not eliminate the rights of the Partners to sell the Products having Trade Marks RVS or PBC, which are at his store for the moment of seizing of the present Agreement and are paid by him already.
7.3. Partners may add the other signs and marks connected with the Products having accord in writing only. Partners must not to refuse each other of such accord without reason, if it concerns actions in the frames of the present Agreement and do not contradict it.

8. Store of the Products and after-sales service
8.1. Partners have agreed to keep at their own accounts for all the period of validity of the present Agreement amount of Products at the store sufficient for ordinary need, and at any rate not less than that stipulated in the Appendix 5.
8.2. Partners undertake obligations to fulfill all the requirements regarding technologies of using the Products under Agreement, and to organize acceptance and storing of the Products according to the instructions, given to him by the other Partner.

9. Exclusive rights of the Partners:
9.1. For the period of validity of the Present Agreement the Partners will not give to any other physical or juridical persons in the limits of Territory exclusive right to sell Products without mutual agree for that.
9.2. Partner-1 has no right to sell RVS-products for professional use without stipulation of obligatory guaranteed technical accompanying of such products.

10. Expiry date of the Agreement
10.1. Present Agreement comes into force from the moment of its being duly signed by both parties and is valid for the period of ____ years beginning from the date of its signing.
10.2. This Agreement may be prolonged for the following period or for the other period by separate Agreement between Partners arranged in written form.

11. Untimely cancelling
11.1. Every party has a right to cancel the present Agreement by written notification by means of connection giving confirmation of receiving date (registered letter, special courier) in case of essential violation by the other part of obligations flowing from the present Agreement, or, in case of exclusive circumstances of force-majeur, justifying untimely canceling of the Agreement.
11.2. Any complete or partial non-fulfillment obligations under the Agreement by one of the parties, causing essential harm to the other part or preventing the other part from fulfilling its obligations under the Agreement is considered to be essential violation of obligations under the Agreement.
11.3. The Parties have agreed that any violation of obligations under the Agreement may be regarded as essential violation, if this violation repeats without objective reasons in spite of official notification from the other part to fulfill obligation under the Agreement.
11.4. The Parties have agreed that the following situations will be regarded as objective circumstances, which justify untimely canceling of the Agreement by the other part: actions of the Authorities, bankruptcy, moratorium, liquidation, or any kind of agreement between debtor and creditors, or any other analogical circumstances, which will influence essentially the abilities of that party to fulfill its obligations under the present Agreement.
11.5. Present Agreement may be cancelled by the Partners without previous notification in case of changing of control or the owner of the second Partner according to the conditions defined in Appendix 6. In this case the Agreement automatically is considered to be cancelled from the moment of such circumstances have come.

12. Compensation in case of canceling and/or violation of the items of the Agreement.
12.1. Partners will not have right for compensation for untimely canceling or not keeping the items of the Agreement in case of force-majeur arising or if the Agreement is cancelled by his fault.
12.2. Partners have a right for compensation of their losses caused by the violation of the terms of the Agreement by the other Partner, if this violation or canceling of the Agreement is going by the reason of action or non-action of the other Partner, which have caused these losses.
12.3. In any case compensation for the losses suffered cannot exceed the amount of caused and proved losses. In case of impossibility to define the amount of such losses, the amount of compensation cannot exceed the amount equivalent to 500 000 (five hundred thousand) EUROs.

13. Keeping of confidentiality:
13.1. Partners have agreed that all the questions connected with the use of confidential information, they will consider according to the conditions stipulated in the Appendix 4. Keeping of the conditions of confidentiality will be in force for all the period of validity of this Agreement and for the period of five (5) years after it becomes null and void by any reason.

14. Disputes of the Parties:
14.1. All the disputes, contradictions or requirements which may arise out of the present Agreement or in connection with it, or its violation, canceling or validity to be finally settled in Arbitrage according to the rules of Arbitrage active on the territory of plaintiff's country, if the parties did not come to concord in any other way.
14.2. Present Agreement is guided at first in accordance with active legislation.
14.3. In any case considering of the Agreement to be carried out according to the active legislation of the country, where the partners perform their activities, even in case if the activity under Agreement has been performed in accordance with the foreign legislation. Any such situations are taken into consideration only in case if they concern all-world-wide recognized principles, and if their keeping appeared to be reasonable in context of performing international activities.

15. Supplements and enclosed Appendixes to the present Agreement:
15.1. Enclosed to the present Agreement Appendixes constitute its integral part. In case of any of the Appendixes is not filled in and/or not signed by both Partners the Agreement in whole is considered to be invalid.
15.2. The present Agreement substitutes any previous agreements concluded between Partners in any form.
15.3. Not a single correction or modification of the present Agreement will not be valid, if they are not made in writing and not confirmed by the signs of authorized persons and by seals of both Partners.
15.4. If any item of the present Agreement considered to be unrealizable because of proved objective reasons, the Agreement in whole will be considered and applied in order to correspond in the best way to the primary intentions of the parties.
15.5. Present Agreement and all rights on it may be entitled to any third party upon previous written consent of both Partners only, or in the frames stipulated by present Agreement.
15.6. Obligatory enclosed Appendixes to the present Agreement for the moment of its signing are:
  • Appendix 1 — “Products and Territory”;
  • Appendix 2 — “Terms of delivery and payment for the Products”;
  • Appendix 3 — “Regulations and conditions of acceptance, storage, transportation and application of the Products manufactured and supplied by the Partners”;
  • Appendix 4 — “Confidential information and regulation of its use”;
  • Appendix 5 — “Guaranteed minimal volumes of purchases — sales”;
  • Appendix 6 — “Change of control, ownership and/or management of the Partner”.
16. Authenticity of the texts of official documentation under Agreement.
Any documentation in the frames of the Agreement considered to be official only if made in writing in English, having obligatory sign of the official person of the Partner sealed by his official seal in witness.
Such kind of document comes into force from the moment of being signed, if the other was not stipulated By the Partners.
Present Agreement is made on Russian and English languages in duplicate (one copy for each part).
Any documentation made in any other language than English is previous towards the Agreement — “draft” and do not have the force of the juridical document.
In case of clearing up of all the disputable situation arising between Partners, the specimen of the Agreement in English is the only true and juridical valid.
196128, Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Kuznetsovskaia, 21, off. 12,
Phone: +7 812 369 3264, Fax: +7 812 388 9571, E-mail: